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Woolworths Enterprise Agreement 2018 Pdf

The SDA will continue to provide you with updates you have in business and on www.sda.com.au/woolworths The action to terminate the Woolworths Business Collective Agreement (EBA) of Woolworths worker Loukas Kakogiannis was initiated by Woolworth workers and the support of his union, the Retail and Fast Food Workers Union (RAFFWU). The vote on the proposed woolworths agreement will take place from 11 to 22 October 2018 by online vote. 16 2.5.6 Part-time workers receive an hourly rate equal to the appropriate weekly rate divided by 38. The provisions of this agreement apply, if applicable, in proportion to part-time workers. 2.6 FLEX UP HOURS PART-TIME EMPLOI Notwithstanding the above provisions (), a part-time employee may be offered overtime and benefit from these hours on a voluntary basis. These hours are in addition to the basic hours of part-time work. The duration of part-time work is subject to the following provisions: (c) (f) (f) (g) overtime is offered in addition to the basic hours of work of a part-time worker, up to a maximum of 38 hours per week. Overtime is paid at the normal part-time salary of paid hours, including any additional expenses that apply to these periods. Overtime work is subject to Part 3, wages and allowances; Part 4, hours of work, rostering, penalties and overtime; Part 6 Food breaks and rest; Part 7, Holidays; Part 8 Leave Provisions; Part 10 Superannuation; Part 13, savings and all other relevant clauses.

Overtime must not exceed the hours or days per day provided for by this agreement (as in sub-clauses 1.6.3, 2.5 and 4.6.2) or exceed an average of 36 hours per week over a four-week cycle without working overtime. The provisions of this agreement apply in proportion to part-time workers. If the number of rollover tables varies over the course of a anniversary year (including the transfer of a worker from part-time to full-time employment and vice versa), workers` annual leave fees are calculated weekly. All other fees are calculated based on the average number of hours worked in the Jubilee year. When part-time work is unable to perform an agreed-upon additional position due to illness/injury (sick leave), it is entitled to personal leave in accordance with paragraph 8.2 Personal increase in base hours A part-time worker who voluntarily works overtime for each jubilee year may choose to increase his base hours in the following jubilee year. The following provisions apply: the increase in base hours for the next Jubilee year is calculated according to the average number of overtime hours calculated on a weekly basis by the part-time worker compared to the previous year, without temporary hours of work. If a part-time worker increases his or her working time in accordance with the sub-clause, these additional base hours are worked at a time suitable for the worker who meets the needs of the company. Page 16 The SDA said it expected its members to vote on the new agreement at next week`s meetings.

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