Kbc Registration Agreement Authority 2020

KBC Registration Agreement Authority 2020: All You Need to Know

KBC or Kaun Banega Crorepati is a popular Indian game show that has entertained and educated viewers for over two decades now. Since its inception in 2000, the show has become a household name with its engaging format and the charismatic host, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.

As the new season of KBC is set to air in 2020, the registrations for the show have already begun. However, before you rush to register for a chance to win big, it is important to understand the KBC Registration Agreement Authority 2020.

What is the KBC Registration Agreement Authority 2020?

The KBC Registration Agreement Authority 2020 is a legal document that lays down the terms and conditions for participating in the game show. This document is an agreement between the participant and the show’s producers, which states the rules and regulations that must be followed by the participant to be eligible for the game.

The agreement outlines various aspects of the show, including eligibility criteria, selection procedure, prize money, taxes, and other relevant details. As a participant, it is essential to read and understand the agreement carefully before signing up for the show.

Eligibility Criteria

To participate in KBC, a person must fulfill certain eligibility criteria, which are specified in the agreement. The participant must be an Indian citizen, above 18 years of age, and must not have a criminal record. Additionally, the participant must have a valid identity proof and address proof, as per the guidelines of the show.

Selection Procedure

As per the agreement, the selection procedure for KBC involves multiple stages, including registrations, online tests, auditions, and final selection. The show’s producers reserve the right to make any changes to the selection process, as per their discretion.

Prize Money

The prize money for KBC is one of the key highlights of the show and is subject to taxes, as per the agreement. The participant must pay all applicable taxes on the prize money and must provide all necessary documents to the show’s producers for tax compliance.

Other Details

The KBC Registration Agreement Authority 2020 also specifies other important details, such as the right to use the participant’s name, image, and voice for promotional purposes, and the disclaimer that the show’s producers will not be held responsible for any loss or damage during the participant’s journey in the show.


Participating in KBC can be a dream come true for many individuals, but it is important to understand and comply with the KBC Registration Agreement Authority 2020. Reading the agreement carefully and seeking legal advice, if necessary, can help the participant ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey on the show. So, if you are planning to register for KBC 2020, make sure you do your homework first!